Outdoor electrical cabinets: Worth considering when choosing technical cabinets and outdoor cabinets

Technical cabinets and electrical cabinets for outdoor use require high quality and a design that can withstand demanding environments. If you are going to place an electrical cabinet outdoors, it is important that you think through a number of points beforehand.

Our technical salesman Håkan gives some valuable tips on what you should consider before making your choice of outdoor cabinet.

Where should the cabinet be installed? Will it sit on the wall of a house, stand on a cast slab, or directly on the ground? It is important that the outdoor cabinet’s accessories are adapted to its environment. If the cabinet is to be placed directly on the ground, it may be appropriate to buy a foundation that is buried in the ground and thus stabilizes the cabinet. If there is a cast plate, a plinth may be enough and you still have the same stability.

Degree of
What environment will the technology cabinet or outdoor cabinet be in? What weather conditions? Here, it is extremely important to choose the right form of protection for the housing. In our guide to forms of protection, you can learn in more detail what the different classes correspond to.

Where should the outdoor cabinet be placed geographically? If, for example, the enclosure is going to stand on a cliff on the west coast, it is extremely important to choose a material that resists moisture and high air salt content against, for example, an outdoor cabinet that is placed in the inland of Norrland. Here we can help with the right choice of material depending on the corrosivity class for the most cost-effective solution. In our guide , you’ll find a good guide to what corrosivity class you may need on your outdoor cabinet.

Perimeter protection
If you are going to place the cabinet in an urban environment, for example, it may be worth investing in a perimeter protection. This may involve alarms, better locking solutions or “graffiti protection”. It is valuable to immediately get an indication if the cabinet has been placed in such a way that it risks being exposed to, for example, vandalism.

To choose the size of the technical cabinet, you should keep track of whether insulation is required. Is there a need for heating and/or cooling in the outdoor cabinet? It is incredibly important to think this through in advance as these are usually bulky accessories that can be difficult to create space for afterwards.

Peace of mind and protection

Having a reliable lock for your electrical cabinet is of utmost importance to ensure the protection and peace of mind of your electrical equipment. An electrical cabinet lock serves as the first line of defense against unauthorized access and external influences that could damage your equipment.

A proper lock for the electrical cabinet not only prevents unauthorized persons from accessing your electrical components, but it also protects against theft and vandalism. In addition, it reduces the risk of sabotage or accidental damage to the equipment that can occur if unauthorized access is gained.

There are different types of locks that can be used for electrical cabinets, depending on your specific needs. A common type is padlocks, which provide a basic level of security and are easy to use. Combination locks offer a keyless solution and are ideal when multiple people need access. For higher levels of security, electronic code locks or RFID locks can be an excellent choice, providing increased control and traceability over who has had access to the cabinet.

Our experiences with outdoor electrical cabinets

We supply technical cabinets that are located along the railway where it is required that the cabinet and plinth/foundation can withstand being exposed to, for example, large amounts of snow in winter.
Elkapsling has also delivered outdoor cabinets placed in environments where graffiti and vandalism are common, and the customer has chosen to “ribbe” and alarm the cabinet.
We also supply outdoor cabinets placed in the Norwegian mountains and along the Norwegian fjords. These cabinets are made of powder-coated hot-dip galvanised sheet metal with reinforced anti-corrosion coating in exposed areas. A 50 mm insulation is then installed in the cabinet to ensure a good climate for the assembled components in the cabinet.
We have also delivered technical cabinets in acid-proof stainless steel. Good rust protection extends the life of the investment and is cost-effective over time.

Does it feel complicated?
Don’t worry, contact us and we will help straighten out the question marks and help you choose the right one.


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