When it comes to ensuring the safety and efficiency of your equipment, EWS/EWO wall cabinets are a perfect option.

Optimal solutions for your automation needs!

Flexible and robust housing for automatic systems. In-stock product that can be shipped within 1-2 days.

Whether in the office, in a warehouse or in an industrial setting, our EWS/EWO wall cabinets are designed to provide the best protection.

High-quality finish in IP65 rating

EWS/EWO has a high-quality finish that guarantees a long durability. Corner-welded doors and a generous strip ensure IP65/IP55 ratings, meaning your equipment is protected even in challenging environments.

Interlocking design

With a cleverly recessed drip edge, it’s easy to connect multiple cabinets sideways, giving you maximum flexibility.

If you need extra space or several separate cabinets, EWS and EWO can be connected sideways.

High quality

With high-quality cold-rolled steel plate and a wall thickness of 1.5 mm for the cabinet frame and door (2 mm for larger doors and mounting plate), you can rely on these cabinets to deliver in all situations.

The EWS is equipped with a single door, while the EWO has a wrap-around door.

Here you will find our wall cabinets

Don't waste time and resources on assembly!

Our cabinets are delivered pre-assembled with, among other things, earth braid.
Suspension irons are of course included in the delivery.
Not only does this save you time, but it also provides a cost-effective solution for your business

If you need additional accessories, don’t worry! We assemble them as well. When the cabinet is delivered to you, it is ready for installation. No unnecessary time with any kit, door assembly, etc.

Just lift into place and start the installation.


When standard products are not enough, then we are at our strongest.
With Elkapsling, you always have access to enclosures and machine protection adapted to your needs.

About us

Elkapsling has long experience in protecting sensitive equipment. We know that high quality, flexibility and fast deliveries are central.