Form of protection and degree of protection

Electrical equipment is often classified with a numerical designation to indicate how well the product can withstand external influences such as dust, water and the like.
In our guide, we will help you decide which IP class and IP cabinet is most suitable for your particular electronic equipment. It is important to think about getting the right IP class depending on the environment in which the cabinet is to be placed.

The abbreviation IP stands for International Protection and is an international way of coding protection classes.

So what do the numbers stand for?

The first digit

(ingress of solid objects e.g. dust) The first digit indicates how tight the enclosure is. The number 0 is not a protection, while the number 6 means that the enclosure is dustproof.


0 No Protection
1 Tamper-resistant against objects larger than 50 mm
2 Protected against objects larger than 12 mm
3 Protected against objects larger than 2.5 mm
4 Tamper-resistant against objects larger than 1 mm
5 Dustproof
6 Dustproof


An article marked with protection form IP 54 is: (First digit:) dust-protected and (Second digit:) withstands splashing water from all angles.

The second digit

(ingress of water) The second number tells you how well an enclosure resists water. The number 0 means that there is no protection at all against moisture, while the number 9 means that the enclosure can be exposed to high-pressure water.


0 No Protection
1 Protected against dripping water
2 Protected against dripping water. The appliance must not be tilted more than a maximum of 15° from the normal angle
3 Protected against splashing water. Max angle 60°
4 Protected against splashing water from all angles
5 Protected against nozzle flushing water
6 Protected against excessive water over-flushing
7 Can be temporarily submerged in water without damage
8 Suitable for long-term immersion in water, according to the manufacturer’s instructions
9 Protected against hot water with high pressure

IP Cabinet

In our range, you will mainly find enclosures with a higher IP rating.
Most of our enclosures are made to withstand external stresses such as dust and moisture and are just as suitable for hospital corridors as in industries.

We think about safety and fire risk and do not want to compromise on quality regardless of the environment in which your equipment is placed.
Most of our cabinets have at least IP class “dust protected” i.e. IP54.

In our range you will also find enclosures and electrical cabinets for more demanding environments. We have both IP65, IP66 and IP67.


you will find our standard products.



When standard products are not enough, then we are at our strongest.
With Elkapsling, you always have access to enclosures and machine protection adapted to your needs.

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