Peter Stork, Project Engineer, Eltel Networks

Elkapsling is like a good friend. Someone to reason with and find solutions with.

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Eltel Networks

Eltel Networks is building infrastructure communication networks throughout the country. The company has approximately 6,700 employees. Peter Stork is a project manager for traffic systems in the Stockholm area, with extensive experience in the industry.

“I’ve been working with electrical enclosures for twenty years. They are very accommodating, even when I come up with strange ideas,” he says.

The cooperation between the companies aims to find the best solutions for Eltel’s customers.

“It is usually the case that I present an idea and requirements from the client, which Elkapsling then implements. They have a great deal of knowledge and can change and refine products based on very specific requirements,” says Peter.

He describes a project where a customer needed to have four distribution boards in the same cabinet, with a high level of security both in terms of the risk of damage and to prevent intrusion.

“Together with the customer, we found a solution that met all the requirements – and also made financial sense for all parties. It doesn’t get any better than that,” says Peter Stork.


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