Olof Ronquist, Design Manager, EMBA Machinery

I appreciate Elkapsling’s flexibility and good ability to cooperate.

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EMBA Machinery

Case study: EMBA Machinery

Integrated enclosures in any color

Emba Machinery manufactures and sells machines for converting corrugated cardboard into boxes. Olof Ronquist is the Head of Design.

“Our machines need both mechanical and electronic enclosures, because moving parts and high voltage have to be locked in,” he says.

The machines are up to 25 meters long and are assembled on site at the customers’ premises. Emba’s philosophy is to deliver a complete solution, which is why it is important that the electrical cabinets are part of the machines.

“For us, it is crucial that the enclosures are integrated and not in separate cabinets that take up space next to them. For example, we don’t want to run cables between the machine and the cabinet,” says Olof Ronquist.

Emba and Elkapsling have worked closely together since the late 1990s. The good contact between the design teams is essential and the companies work according to a common work process, where drawings and models can easily be shared.

“Elkapsling has a very good infrastructure for development, production and delivery. In addition, it is convenient to be able to get the hoods in any color, which is often a requirement from our customers.


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