Protecting the pulse and lifeblood of society

Our infrastructure requires reliable protection to keep vehicular traffic flowing, trains running and water in our taps. Discover our safe and durable cabinet solutions, adapted to withstand the elements.
From discreet signal boxes to sleek pump housings, we ensure the heart of infrastructure beats undisturbed.

What to consider when choosing cabinets?
Electrical equipment is usually classified with a numerical designation to clearly indicate its ability to withstand the influence of external factors such as dust, water, and the like. In our guide, we will help you sort out the concept of a form of protection.

Ensure long-lasting protection and optimal performance through conscious choices. Magnelis coating provides superior corrosion resistance, double-walled structures offer improved insulation, hot-dip galvanized sheet provides increased resistance, and foundation or plinth ensures stability depending on the location of the cabinet.
These choices ensure long-term protection and durability.

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When standard products are not enough, then we are at our strongest.
With Elkapsling, you always have access to enclosures and machine protection adapted to your needs.

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Elkapsling has long experience in protecting sensitive equipment. We know that high quality, flexibility and fast deliveries are central.