Price adjustment 2022-01-03

Price adjustment as of 2022-01-03

During the autumn, we have continued to see a significant increase in costs for raw materials such as metals, plastics, wood-related materials and packaging.
All in all, this results in higher product and component costs, where our products are affected to varying degrees.

The development of costs, availability and lead times is difficult to predict in these times, but we hope and believe in an improvement in the coming year.
However, we would like to encourage you to place orders for future needs as far in advance as possible so that together we can create the best conditions.

If you have any questions, please contact our sales representative in your district or email: [email protected] or phone: 0690-76 30 00


Since 1971, Elkapsling has been manufacturing cabinets and enclosures for the protection of electrical and electronic equipment. The entire production line takes place in the factory, which is beautifully located by Ljungan's beach in Alby in western Medelpad.

The customers are mainly in the Nordic countries. Electrical enclosure have approx. 95 employees. We operate in the four segments Infrastructure, Industry, Telecom and Energy.

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CEO Elkapsling
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