Elkapsling establishes itself in southern Sweden

The steam company Elkapsling is expanding through a collaboration with sister company Steelo in Bredaryd in southwestern Småland.
“By getting closer to production, warehousing and sales, we increase our opportunities to grow in the southern parts of the country,” says Elkapsling’s CEO Jakob Sandwall.

Electrical enclosures have existed in Alby outside Ånge for almost 50 years. The company manufactures protection for electrical and electronic equipment and customers are located all over the Nordic region, most of them in Sweden and many of them in the central and northern parts of the country.

The company is now complementing its operations in Ånge to grow in southern Sweden and on the west coast. This is done through a collaboration with the sister company Steelo, in Bredaryd in Småland, which manufactures sheet metal products.

“Elkapsling and Steelo complement each other’s offerings and have similar fleets. We can therefore collaborate effectively with everything from production to sales,” says Jakob Sandwall.

Elkapsling will have a warehouse, some production and sales office in Bredaryd. By establishing operations further south, the company hopes to reach new customers and at the same time offer existing customers in southern Sweden better service.

“Our greatest strength is our flexibility in terms of both manufacturing and delivery. Now we will be even stronger in these areas,” says Jakob Sandwall.

The collaboration is now starting and will be gradually expanded until the spring of 2021, when Steelo will become a subsidiary of Elkapsling. Both companies are part of the Lagercrantz Group.

Jakob Sandwall, CEO Elkapsling
070-601 02 91

Elkapsling manufactures cabinets and enclosures for the protection of electrical and electronic equipment. Production takes place in the factory at Alby outside Ånge and the customers are mainly in the Nordic region. Elkapsling has 85 employees.

Steelo is a complete manufacturer of sheet metal products. Production takes place in Bredaryd and the customers are mainly located in the southern and central parts of Sweden. Steelo has 20 employees.


Since 1971, Elkapsling has been manufacturing cabinets and enclosures for the protection of electrical and electronic equipment. The entire production line takes place in the factory, which is beautifully located by Ljungan's beach in Alby in western Medelpad.

The customers are mainly in the Nordic countries. Electrical enclosure have approx. 95 employees. We operate in the four segments Infrastructure, Industry, Telecom and Energy.

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