Jakob Sandwall new CEO of Elkapsling.

Jakob Sandwall: “I’m passionate about growth”

New markets and a clear focus on the company’s strengths. This is how Elkapsling’s new CEO Jakob Sandwall sees the company’s future.
“We’re going to do more of what we do best, such as delivering customized solutions and special products. And we’re going to target new markets, both geographically and in new niches,” he says.

Jakob Sandwall has a solid background in the manufacturing industry, including from Kubal and SSG. Most recently, he held the position of Business Area Manager at Elpress, a sister company to Elkapsling within the Lagercrantz Group.

“I’m attracted by the overall responsibility of the CEO role, being able to influence all parts of the business and develop the company together with the employees,” says Jakob Sandwall.

He describes Elkapsling as a well-run company with a high level of expertise and good profitability. Market leader in customized solutions for plant protection. And with great potential for increased exports.

“My first impression is that Elpress and Elkapsling are quite similar when it comes to efficient manufacturing of high-quality products, but while Elpress exports more than half of its products, Elkapsling sells relatively little outside Sweden. There’s a lot of potential there,” says Jakob Sandwall.

At Elpress, he worked as a business area manager with responsibility for large customers all over the world. That meant many long journeys. As a parent of young children, he is looking forward to the significantly shorter trips between his home in Sundsvall and his job at Elkapsling in Alby.

“But I’ll be out there a lot in the market and with our customers as well. I’m probably a pretty agile CEO,” says Jakob Sandwall.

Name: Jakob Sandwall
Age: 38
Family: Partner and two children
Lives: Granloholm in Sundsvall
Interests: Traveling with family. Exercise in all its forms, especially running and cross-country skiing. Carpentry on the house.


Since 1971, Elkapsling has been manufacturing cabinets and enclosures for the protection of electrical and electronic equipment. The entire production line takes place in the factory, which is beautifully located by Ljungan's beach in Alby in western Medelpad.

The customers are mainly in the Nordic countries. Electrical enclosure have approx. 95 employees. We operate in the four segments Infrastructure, Industry, Telecom and Energy.

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