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Complete protection for vital telecom equipment.

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Weather protection

Our enclosures are designed to withstand rain, snow, high winds, and extreme temperatures, ensuring that your equipment is protected in all conditions.

Ventilation & Insulation

To prevent overheating, our enclosures are equipped with efficient ventilation. We also offer insulation solutions to protect against extreme cold or hot weather.


Our protection solutions are adaptable to installation in different locations and environments, giving you the flexibility to protect your equipment no matter where it is.


With advanced locking systems, we offer protection solutions that prevent unauthorised access and protect against intrusion.
Among other things, we have digital locks from Iloq, designed to cope with harsh environments where the cylinders
are exposed to dust, moisture and varying temperature conditions from extremely cold to hot weather.


At Elkapsling, we are committed to delivering protection solutions that not only meet but exceed the requirements of the telecom industry.
Our technical expertise and commitment to innovation make us a preferred partner for telcos looking to ensure the long-term performance of their equipment, even in the most challenging conditions.

With Elkapsling, you don’t just get a supplier – you get a partner with experience and technical expertise in the protection of telecom equipment.

Let us protect your technology, so you can focus on connecting the world.


When standard products are not enough, then we are at our strongest.
With Elkapsling, you always have access to enclosures and machine protection adapted to your needs.

Elkapsling Express

When you want fast delivery, we deliver within 24 hours
With Elkapsling, you always have access to enclosures and machine guards tailored to your needs, even when it requires solutions far beyond standard products.

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