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For several years, we have seen an increased demand for integrated and pre-assembled safety systems in our products. Sensor Alarm understands our challenges and has developed a tailor-made industrial alarm that meets the requirements of our customers. The strength of this alarm is that we can easily adapt its content to our different customer segments and that the functionality works throughout Europe. An added plus is the ease of installation.

The installation of the physical hardware takes about 10 minutes per cabinet. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Main Unit & Communication

Each cabinet is equipped with four alarm units. Main unit, fire, burglary and moisture alarms.
The main unit communicates securely through GSM (4G) and requires no other connection and has automatic connection throughout Europe. You also have monitoring via an app on your phone.
The main unit also has built-in alarm functions against power failures, temperature monitoring and communication interruptions.

The main unit needs power and connects to a custom cable antenna that mounts on the outside of the cabinet. This is adapted to be able to communicate even when the unit is placed in tight spaces that lack GSM coverage.

The device is a rugged platform that talks to other devices through Zigbee (smoke, water, motion, etc.)


Electrical enclosure cabinets alarm in the event of any important event

Fire alarm: In the event of smoke in the cabinet, the smoke alarm sounds to selected telephones and to the alarm centre.
Temperature alarm: If the temperature in the cabinet falls below or exceeds a preset, the alarm goes to selected phones and to the alarm center.
Power failure alarms: If the cabinet has a power outage, the system alerts selected phones and the alarm center. The alarm unit switches to battery status and runs for 30 hours on battery power. If the power is restored, selected phones and the alarm center will be notified. The batteries automatically recharge.
Burglar alarm: The cabinet is protected against burglary by Sensor’s smart motion sensor. If someone opens the cabinet, the unit will send an alarm to selected phones and an alarm centre.
Water alarm: A humidity sensor alerts selected mobile phones and an alarm centre in the event of incoming water.




Dashboard & App - Your control system

Via a separate dashboard (web page with login) you can see the status of each locker in detail. If an alarm alarms a locker, the dashboard is updated combined with SMS and/or email to selected people.

Sensor Alarm helps to set up the dashboard the first time to maximize the user benefit of reports, etc.


Do not hesitate to contact us and we will tell you more about how we can increase the security of your cabinets and enclosures


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