Opening hours during Christmas

As 2023 winds its last days, we have decided to give all our production heroes the day off between Christmas and New Year.
So from the 27th to the 29th of December, our production line will be on holiday – which means we won’t be sending any deliveries.

But don’t worry, our sales and support team is still on site, ready to answer your questions or talk about a quote or deal.

Give us a call, we love hearing from you!



Since 1971, Elkapsling has been manufacturing cabinets and enclosures for the protection of electrical and electronic equipment. The entire production line takes place in the factory, which is beautifully located by Ljungan's beach in Alby in western Medelpad.

The customers are mainly in the Nordic countries. Electrical enclosure have approx. 95 employees. We operate in the four segments Infrastructure, Industry, Telecom and Energy.

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Emile Frantzen
CEO Elkapsling
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