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We are planning major investments in our production in 2023

Almost exactly a year ago , I stepped in as CEO of Elkapsling and what a year it has been!

After a few relatively stable years, this year started with a large increase in inquiries from our customers and this has been the case throughout the year.
As a result, our sales have increased by as much as 50 percent compared to the previous year.

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Electrical enclosure secures for you in 2023

December 2023

Digital lock and complete alarm on your locker make it more secure than ever. With smooth installation and easy-to-manage administration, it couldn’t be easier.

We take our customers’ challenges very seriously and together with Iloq and Sensor Alarm we can secure your lockers.

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Our young people are our future.

November 2022

At Elkapsling, we attach great importance to good collaborations with the schools, primarily in our local area. School pupils and students are our future workforce.

Last spring, we caught up with 2 newly graduated students directly from the student stairs and this week, two of our designers, Mattias and Ida, were on site at the municipality’s upper secondary school, Bobergskolan, to attract more people to choose lines that help us create the workforce of the future.

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High-quality Technology & Outdoor Cabinets

November 2022

Technical cabinets and outdoor cabinets with protection against weather, wind and intrusion.
Our technical cabinets and outdoor cabinets can withstand heavy loads and demanding environments.
These products are adapted for the railway’s signalling system, the traffic light control system and the telecom industry, which is extremely technology-intensive.

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Double-walled for optimal protection in harsh environments.

September 2022

Electrical enclosure has done it again. We have further developed our popular Huldra cabinet into even sharper on the market.

Our DVZ outdoor cabinet has double walls, which provides optimal conditions for insulation and reduces the risk of condensation in the enclosure. The outdoor cabinet can withstand all weather conditions, is virtually maintenance-free and has a long service life.

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From the student stairs directly to Elkapsling

June 2022

Ida & Leo ran from the student stairs straight to us at Elkapsling.

Ida has studied 3 years of technical engineering at Bobergsgymnasiet and during the spring the whole class visited Elkapsling for a study visit. This is where we got in touch with Ida, which then led to a job,” says Fredrik, Business Development Manager at Elkapsling.

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When standard products are not enough, then we are at our strongest.
With Elkapsling, you always have access to enclosures and machine protection adapted to your needs.

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Elkapsling has long experience in protecting sensitive equipment. We know that high quality, flexibility and fast deliveries are central.