Digital locks for electrical cabinets and technical cabinets

A digital locking system increases security, simplifies administration and reduces costs.

Our customers have the need to occasionally lock their enclosures.
They are often many employees and use contractors extensively.
Security and access control are important, but are issues associated with high costs and a large amount of administration.

Today, our property and belongings need more protection than ever before.
Mechanical solutions simply do not meet modern customer requirements in this increasingly digitalized world.

The management of traditional locking systems is in many cases an issue of high complexity, which increases with greater distances and the number of locks.

In collaboration with iLOQ and Gärdin & Persson, we offer a state-of-the-art solution for digital locks in our enclosures.

Digital locks for electrical cabinets and technology cabinets enable communication between devices. Through this advanced feature, huge amounts of data can be updated remotely and then sent between readers, keys and locks in a building.

iLOQ’s battery-free and wireless digital and mobile access control solution provides maximum security with minimal lifecycle costs.


A digital locking system increases security, simplifies administration and reduces costs.

We offer two options – digital key or mobile phone as key. Both have locks and keys that communicate with each other, and permissions can be quickly assigned and revoked.

Both options can also be used without an external power source or connection. With a mobile key, no physical handling is required as all keys are sent and revoked in the mobile network.

S50 - Portable access control system

S50 – Your phone is your key

Reliability. Efficiency. iLOQ S50 is the first and only
The lock cylinder in the world that uses the NFC technology in the user’s smartphone to retrieve all the energy needed for unlocking.

The future is already here – be part of the digital lock revolution.

At the heart of the iLOQ S50 system is a patented, NFC-powered lock cylinder. In the system, the phone acts as both a key and a power source. To open the iLOQ S50 lock, hold your mobile phone against the cylinder knob. An NFC radio in the lock cylinder draws the energy needed to open the cylinder.

Thanks to the lock’s very low energy requirements, tens of thousands of locks can be opened with a fully charged mobile phone.

S5 - High Security, Low Cost

S5 – digital key

iLOQ S5 enables communication between devices. This advanced feature allows a huge amount of data to be updated remotely and then shared between readers, keys, and locks in a building.

The data is updated every time a door is opened. Information, such as access rights, time limits, lists of blocked keys, and audit trails, is quickly shared between devices before the door is unlocked.

With all devices connected and communicating with each other, iLOQ S5 keeps access rights information up to date.

The locking system is fully backwards compatible

Do you already have one of our products?

It is perfectly possible to replace the existing locks with digital locks.
Both the S5 and S50 can replace existing locks on your electrical cabinet and technology cabinet.

Contact your sales representative at Elkapsling and they will help you with a quote and order.

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